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Mr. Alfonso Vega Núñez was a Mexican organist and composer, founder of the Morelia International Organ Festival . Also called "The Apostle of the Organ" for his work to disseminate organ music.

He was born in Puruándiro , Michoacán , on September 17, 1924. Stimulated by his father's musical enthusiasm, Mr. J. Refugio Vega received his first knowledge of music from professors José Huerta and Salvador Cortés, at the age of 6 years in his native land. Before learning to read and write.

At the age of twelve, he entered the Colegio de Infantes de la Catedral and the Escuela Superior de Música Sagrada in the city of Morelia, Mich. Where he made a brilliant career under the guidance of the distinguished teachers Miguel Bernal Jiménez and Ignacio Mier Arriaga. In 1940 he obtained his accreditation as a graduate in Gregorian Singing and the title of Master in Musical Composition. In 1946 the Bachelor of Organ.

Since 1943, he is appointed First Titular Organist of the Cathedral of Morelia .

He was appointed accompanying organist in 1945 of the Guadalupano National Choir, which had voices from all over the Republic and the direction of Maestro Miguel Bernal Jiménez , to perform musical services in Mexico City on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Coronation of Our Lady. of Guadalupe .

From 1946 to 1963, he was a professor of piano, organ and auxiliary subjects at the Escuela Superior de Música Sagrada.

He entered the Popular School of Fine Arts, as Piano Teacher on January 16, 1948 and later of Harmony, History of Music and Musical Appreciation.

In the same year, 1949, he began his specialized work as an Organ Concertist, having performed on various occasions in the capital of the country, as well as in most of the main cities. With his electronic organ he traveled around 120,000 kilometers, making organ music known to the most remote corners, thus deserving the title published in the newspaper "El Dictamen" of the city of Veracruz as "Apóstol del Órgano en México".

He studied organ training in Paris and Rome with the masters André Marchal and Ferruccio Vignanelli in 1956.

He has participated as a soloist in the orchestras: Symphony of the UNAM , Mexico, Jalapa, Guanajuato , Michoacán, Guadalajara and the Sureste. He was invited as a soloist of the Munich “Pro Arte” Orchestra, under the direction of Kurt Redel. He has stood out as a performer in all the cities of Europe, the United States; Canada, Central and South America, where he has been invited.

He recorded the "Concerto for Organ and Orchestra" by Miguel Bernal Jiménez with the National Symphony Orchestra. With the chamber orchestra “Música Viva” he performed the concertos for organ and orchestra Opus 4 and 7 by GF Haendel.

He also participated in the most organistic festivals in Europe, such as those held in Stockholm, Sweden; Vienna, Austria; Madrid Spain; Oldembürg, Germany; and Paris, France among others. In America it has been presented in international weeks in Sao Paulo, Brazil; Buenos Aires, Argentina; and Medellín, Colombia.

He was founder and president of the Latin American Association of Organists and was called to participate as a member of the jury in the International Organ Competition " Grand Prix de Chartres " in 1974, held in the city of Paris , France.

He was a member of the National Academy of Fine Arts and the Legion of National Honor. In 1976 he was awarded the "Generalissimo Morelos" award, the award that the City Council of Morelia and the government of the state of Michoacán, award to their most illustrious citizens. In 1983 he received a diploma awarded by the Mexican Union of Theater and Music Chroniclers. He was also among the members of the Correspondent of the Seminario de Cultura Mexicana. He won the José Tocavén Award for Merit in the Musical Field awarded by the newspaper "La Voz de Michoacán" and has been awarded with diplomas and decorations in different countries, among which those that have been awarded in the cities of:

  • Houston Texas

  • SheverPort, Louisiana

  • Sonoma and Fullerton, California

  • Medellin and Bogotá Colombia

  • Rosarito and Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Europalia Festival


He was the founder of the Morelia International Organ Festival , which since 1966 has seen more than 130 organists from all over the world parade, arousing real interest not only in the old world, but also in the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, as well like Central and South America. The Morelia International Organ Festival, with 50 years of existence, receives every year from 20 to 30 requests from renowned organists to participate in its concerts. 2

With the advice of Maestro Vega Núñez, the Organ Festivals of Buenos Aires, Argentina were founded; The Festival of San Juan Puerto Rico, The Festival of Argentina; from Sao Paulo, Brazil; that of Medellín, Colombia; and from Guatemala among others.

As a composer he has to his credit works such as “Tres Preludes Tristes” for piano, “Liras a María”; a compilation of seven choral works, and "Sonata in Fa"; work for piano. He recorded for the firms Cook, Peerles and Luzam.

Among the multiple recognitions that were awarded, the following stand out:

  • Decoration "Generalissimo Morelos"

  • First Titular Organist of the Cathedral of Morelia.

  • Doctorate in Organ "Summa Cum Laude"

  • President of the Latin American Association of Organists

  • José Tocavén Award for Merit in the Musical Field

  • Member of the National Legion of Honor.

  • Jury at the Paris International Organ Competition "Grand Prix du Charles"

  • Diploma awarded by the Mexican Union of Theater and Music Chroniclers.

  • Member of the Correspondent of the Seminary of Mexican Culture

  • Full Member of the National Academy of Fine Arts

Alfonso Vega Nunez

A remarkable Mexican

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